"My neighbour has the most beautiful flat with this white floor and a big balcony, in which I really love to shoot. Even on cloudy days there is enough available light to shoot and in wintertime there are a lot of cloudy days here in Hamburg (Germany). It is important for me to create a sensual atmosphere for the viewer. So I wanted the styling to be as natural as possible. Lisa Marie agreed to shoot completely without make up and I picked white clothes for her, which wouldn’t distract too much, but fitted perfectly into this location. Focusing on the models character is my way to create authentic portraits. It was the second time we met and it felt like shooting with a friend, we talked and laughed a lot, drank tea and it was really fun and relaxed. She is a natural beauty, her look is innocent and gentle in a way, but she is a strong character. I wanted to point that out in our pictures! I really love to shoot with strong women, with a certain attitude - I am sure it won’t be our last shoot."

Photography: Maria Kotylevskaja - Instagram

Muse: Lisa Marie - Instagram

Location: Hamburg, Germany