The Flawed Series began as the personal project of FLAWED Founder, Harry Bigsby-Thompson. It all started with his love for getting to know people. Everyone is fighting their own battles and it is amazing how often others can relate to the battle that we are currently fighting.

We all put on this façade, more so now with social media, where we are trying to be the person that we want to be in the eyes of others; but there is actually strength in numbers. He wanted to show that there is no weakness in showing your emotions and that sometimes the best remedy to any situation is to literally just get it off your chest and accept the lessons that it brings. It is how we grow as individuals.

This series allows others to relate to other creatives but at the same time realise that they are actually not alone and maybe even learn from others that have been through similar situations. Furthermore, you get to see some great creativity, as let’s face it, creativity tends to be our place of solace… Films, TV, Music, Fashion.

The series is now comprised of two sections, The Flawed Muse, Harry’s personal project, where the muse wears only the Flawed Classic Sweatshirt, showing that they are indeed Flawed, but so what, we all are…

The second part is The Flawed Artist, which has interviews and a photo series with extremely talented photographer’s from all over the world.

Photographers - If you would like to be featured please send an email to [email protected] with the subject being ‘The Flawed Artist – Your Name’. Within the email please include your Instagram account/Website.

Model, Actress, Singer, Dancer or a Blogger currently in London - If you would like to be featured please send an email to [email protected] with the subject being ‘The Flawed Muse – Your Name’. Within the email please include your Instagram account/Website. 

Band/Artist - If you would like your music to be feautured on one of the videos in The Flawed Muse then please send an email to [email protected] with the subject being 'The Flawed Series Music - Artist/Band Name'. Within the email please also send any tracks that you would be happy for us to use as well as your Instagram account/Website.

* Unfortunately not all submissions will be successful and we will only be able to reply to successful emails. Please make sure your work fits the FLAWED aesthetic as we will be posting the photos on our website and social media pages and they need to fit in with our style.